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Company Profile

PHILHUA SHIPPING AGENCY GROUP has been focusing on the international shipping agency services since 2002; we have five professional and experienced members always at your services---Philhua Shipping Inc. in Manila, Philippines, Pt. Philhua Shipping Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia, Philhua Shipping Agency (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. in Lianyungang, China Philhua Shipping Agency (Yancheng) Co., Ltd. in Yancheng, China and Philhua Shipping Agency (Rizhao) Co., Ltd. in Rizhao, China. 
Our services include:
International shipping agency------- professional agency services will be provided by us in Philippines, Indonesia and China.
Inland port to door/door to port transportation services---- both Philhua Philippines and Philhua Indonesia are familiar with port to door/door to port services in Philippines and Indonesia. 
In the summer of 2002, PHILHUA SHIPPING INC. (PHILIPPINES) was established with the support from many close friends in the shipping industry. With proper management, right strategy and a hard working staff team, today PHILHUA SHIPPING INC. has grown up as the most leading shipping agency in the Philippines. Our leading position in the agency industry proves that PHILHUA SHIPPING INC. is a reliable agency focuses not only on the efficiency in operation but also protecting any interest of our principals. Our service covers all Philippine ports anytime and anywhere, as long as you contact us, we will provide relevant help and services.
On August 28, 2006, encouraged by the success in the Philippines, the first Philhua agency in mainland China, PHILHUA SHIPPING AGENCY (LIANYUNGANG) CO., LTD was set up in Lianyungang Port., It only took less than a year for Philhua Lianyungang to become one of the several leading shipping agencies in Lianyungang Port.
On June 28, 2008, PHILHUA SHIPPING AGENCY (RIZHAO) CO., LTD, our second company in mainland China was set up. After several years of successful operation, Philhua Rizhao becomes to another pride of Philhua group in mainland China, her service covers both Rizhao port and Lanshan port.
In the summer of 2011, PT.PHILHUA SHIPPING INDONESIA was set up in Jakarta, Indonesia. As managers have been working in Philhua group for years and have a good understanding about Philhua’s idea and standard, with the help of a professional staff team, we have enough reason to believe that Philhua Indonesia will carry on the success of Philhua Philippines on the land of Indonesia very soon.
To be one of the most influential shipping agency in China and South East Asia!
GROW TOGETHER WITH PRINCIPALS---- Always put principal’s interest in the first position----principal’s success today is our assurance tomorrow. So far nearly 100 percent of our principals remain as our loyalty customers as long as they have ever enjoyed our service.
PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AS AN EXPERT----All Philhua staffs are well educated, business managers who are authorized to handle business must be experienced and professional as a shipping expert to ensure the service quality.
REASONABLE SERVICE FEE----In order to keep a long time cooperative relation with principals, all Philhua companies are required to minimize relevant expenses and to charge a reasonable service fee.
LONG-TERM COOPERATION----We work here today for not only today but better future. All Philhua companies have the same idea that Philhua shall not allow any short-sighted and profit-first actions, even if Philhua can achieve huge profit for the time being, as long as those actions stand against principal’s interest, we are determined to avoid it.
Sincere thanks for your reading and hope we can have chance to cooperate with you!
With best regards,
Ye Guang Jian
President of Philhua Shipping Group
Remarks: All Philhua companies enjoys same working procedure and quality control system, but are independent to each other, so for business please contact with the local office directly.